About Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean:

Dr. Peter K.B. St. Jean, is the director and producer of Lessons from Homicides: The Buffalo Story. He is the founder and CEO of Quality of Life Associates, Inc., and Quality of Life Films and Productions, Inc. Dr. St. Jean was born in the Caribbean island of Dominica. He is a member of several voluntary organizations that include Stop the Violence Coalition, Parents Encouraging Accountability and Closure for Everyone (P.E.A.C.E.), the Buffalo Local Action Committee (BLAC), the Buffalo Crime Reduction Taskforce, the Martin Luther King Block Club, and the Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is a criminologist and sociologist by profession, and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Deptarment of Sociology, University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Dr. St. Jean's first book entitled Lessons from Grand Bay: Prospects for Maintaining Low Crime in Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean was published in 2006, and is being used widely as a model for crime reduction in the Caribbean. His second book is entitled, Pockets of Crime: Broken Windows, Collective Efficacy, and the Criminal Point of View (forthcoming University of Chicago Press. August 2007). That book examines crime and violence in Wentworth, a high crime police district on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. St. Jean devotes his intellect, resournces and spirit to help reduce suffering and improve quality of life across various populations the world over.


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